Huawei P50 series, Huawei Smart Screen V75Super, Huawei Smart Screen V98 and many other new products released

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  7month29Day and night,Huawei held a meeting on the theme“Vientiane newborn”Huawei's flagship new product launch,HuaweiP50series、Huawei Zhihui screenV98、Huawei Zhihui screenV75 SuperAnd several other products appeared。

  Huawei's latest flagshipPseries——HuaweiP50、HuaweiP50 Pro

  Yu Chengdong introduction,HuaweiPSeries has gone through10Year road,Each generation is a subtle combination of scientific and technological aesthetics and intelligent photography,Driving the innovation and progress of smartphone photography technology,And HuaweiP50Series will once again bring new breakthroughs in the field of mobile imaging。

  HuaweiP50 Prouse3DSlightly curved curved screen,P50use2.5DFlat design,All adopt innovative Vientiane double ring design。

  Size,HuaweiP50 ProCarry6.6Inch flexibilityOLEDCurved screen,Broaden your horizons+Lightweight fuselage,Equipped at the same time4360mAhCapacitance,Full range support66WHuawei wired super fast charging andIP68Grade I dust and water resistance,HuaweiP50 ProAlso support50WHuawei wireless super fast charging,Rapid power recovery。

  HuaweiP50 ProMillisecond level electroluminescent technology,Dynamic fuselage can be realized,Changes with incoming calls and alarm,And provides obsidian、Snow white、Dawn powder、Four static colors of cocoa tea gold are available for users to choose。

  Huawei, which mainly affects the comprehensive upgrade of functionsP50Series officially launched Huawei image,Create a new primary color dual image unit:Through the super main camera unit and super zoom unit,Start image regeneration。

  HuaweiP50Series introductionXD OpticsComputational optics,Industry first“Global type”Image information restoration system,The optical error is corrected in the optical imaging stage、Restore original image information,Combined with the new generationXD Fusion ProImage engine,Realizable200Zoom range,contrastP40Series promotion50%Environmental spectral resolution,P3Wide color gamut2000+Adjust color,Color calibration fineness to5times,Restore more details。

  And HuaweiP50 ProCarryXD Fusion Pro Super filter system,Compared with HuaweiP40 Propromote103%,With the help ofXD Fusion Pro Ultra dynamic range technology,Dynamic range capture capability can be improved28%。

  HuaweiP50Series supports fast flash、1300Megapixel100°Ultra wide angle selfie,And equipped withAIS ProSuper anti shake、Full focus section4Kvideo、4KDelay photography、AIInching moment and other functions,Refresh mobile movies and create new heights。

  Yu Chengdong said,6month2Day to date,HarmonyOS 2Upgraded users up to4000ten thousand,Soon after,HuaweiMate9、HuaweiP10And other models will also be opened and upgraded one after another。And HuaweiP50Series equippedHarmonyOS 2.0,Innovative interactive design,Personalized desktop can be combined at will,Multi equipment one touch collaborative flow,Easy connectivity。

  In terms of use,HuaweiP50Series comes with high-performance dynamic engine,And passAIHeterogeneous communication+Four networks collaboration、Dual network concurrency+AISignal prediction ensures communication experience。meanwhile,Users don't have to worry about privacy and security,HuaweiP50The privacy and security of the series system has been recognized by professional institutions,Web browsing is pure and refreshing、Timely hiding of private information。

  HuaweiP50Series price:

  Huawei's first vehicleHarmonyOS 2Smart speaker——HuaweiSound Xloudspeaker box

  New generation HuaweiSound XFirst speakerHarmonyOS 2Intelligent speaker with high color value,Mobile phone freeAppDistribution network,PCNear connection,It can set up a home theater with Huawei smart screen,Easy voice interaction。

  According to Yu Chengdong,HuaweiSound XSpeakers are inspired by electronic tubes,Tribute to the bold classic——360°All metal sound outlet,3DCurved jointless process,48Panchromatic systemLEDlamp360°surround,Add colorful lights for Huawei speakers for the first time,make7+1A slide lamp effect。

  HuaweiSound XThe speaker is also the first three frequency division intelligent speaker jointly designed by tivare,high、in、The subwoofer sounds independently,Make the three tones clear,Bring bass shock and deep,The baritone is warm and clear,High pitched bright and transparent surging sound quality,Comparable to 10000 yuan sound。

  HuaweiSound XSpeaker selling price:

  Huawei's firstMiniLEDZhi Huiping——Huawei Zhihui screenV75 Super

  Huawei Zhihui screenV75 SuperHuawei's firstMiniLEDZhi Huiping,Realize Huawei HonghuSuperMiniLED 2880Zonal precision light control,46080A lamp bead,3000nits HDRPeak brightness。meanwhile,Huawei Zhihui screenV75 Supersupport97%DCI-P3 Film wide gamut、120HzHigh brush screen with instant dynamic technology。

  Sound aspect,Huawei Zhihui screenV75 Superhave20Unit tivare cinema sound field,Create vertical3DSurround sound field,It is intended to let users experience shocking bass,And through independenceAISky sound for surround sound。be based onHarmonyOS 2.0Distributed capability,Huawei Zhihui screenV75 SuperCan work with twoHUAWEI Sound XSimultaneous phonation,Set up5.1.2Sound channel home theater system。

  Also with the help ofHarmonyOS 2.0Interactive ability of,Huawei Zhihui screenV75 SuperSupport HyperTerminal,Pull and close,Easy interconnection and flow of different equipment pictures,It can also cast and split screens,Let users watch movies and exercise。

  Huawei Zhihui screenV75 Superprice:

  Huawei maximum size smart screen——Huawei Zhihui screenV98

  same evening,Huawei also released its first98Inch smart screen——Huawei Zhihui screenV98,Just one side2.2Meter wide wall,a section2.3Viewing distance of meters,You can enjoy it in close proximity98Shocking visual experience brought by inch giant screen。

  meanwhile,Huawei Zhihui screenV98have120HzHigh refresh rate、AGAnti glare screen、5.1Soundtrack cinema sound field、2400ten thousandAIInsight and other characteristics,Support Changlian call、Exercise health、hyper terminal、Distributed cross screen and other functions。It is worth mentioning that,HarmonyOS 2.0Has been installed on Huawei Zhihui screenVseries2021Paragraph upgrade,“Common and new”。

  in addition,Huawei Zhihui screenS Pro 55Also appeared at the press conference。Its support120HzSwan image quality,Carry1300ten thousandAIInsight,Also equipped withHarmony OS2.0Distributed cross screen capability。

  Huawei Zhihui screenS Pro55price:

  Huawei's first children's education product——Huawei elf learning smart screen

  Huawei elf learning smart screen is designed for3-12Year old children's design,Multiple efficient autonomous learning tools,Help children improve their interest in learning。Huawei elf learning smart screen1300Wan intelligent liftingAIInsight,Accurate identification of teaching materials、Picture book、Intelligent image,Realize interesting interactive click reading,Word search,One point is out。It has more innovative Remote tutoring function,The dual lens starts at the same time,Look at the questions all the way,See people all the way,Support bidirectional annotation、Whiteboard lecture,Bring parents and children a new experience of easy and convenient remote counseling。

  List of other Huawei new products:

  Huawei children's Watch4Pro:built-in 500Megapixel HD camera,Intelligent monitoring ambient light,Adaptive adjustment of screen brightness,Embedded guard lamp,Provide night walking lighting and safety warning to protect night walking safety,Professional swimming training mode,Multiple sportsPK,SOSOne button emergency call function。

  Huawei Bracelet6Pro:Colorful full screen,Show richer content;Built in temperature detection sensor,Let you know the temperature change;Two week endurance,Fun without interruption。

  HuaweiWATCH GT 2 Pro ECG Gold card Limited Edition:In the originalECGBased on watches,The gold card service interpreted by ECG experts for an unlimited number of times a year has been added。

  HuaweiMatePad Pro 12.6Inch summer poplar8GB+512GBLarge storage version:CarryHarmonyOS 2,Multi device collaboration is no problem,Standard intelligent magnetic keyboard and the second generationM-Pencil。

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