DangbeiMAX1evaluating :The big screen has a more lively expression,6GSmoother memory

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  With the update of TV,Smart TV box is called the artifact of saving old TV。The development of science and technology is also snowballing faster and faster,Consumers also have to learn to adapt to every new thing quickly。The TV box is different from ordinary digital products,Even if it changes again,But its core function is always to watch audio and video resources。

  nowadays,When Bei works again,Launched a better TV box——DangbeiMAX1,As a new product, it is bound to attract much attention。DangbeiMAX1Maximum support8K 24fpsdecode,Sensitive reaction speed,It can be seen that its strength is extraordinary。


  DangbeiMAX1The overall outer packaging of adopts family design,In the center of the simple black packing box is dangbeiMAX1Product drawing,The large outer box has a strong contrast ratio with the small fuselage。The product drawing also adopts a different design,The borders of packaged products at different angles will display colorful colors,Simple and advanced atmosphere,When Bennett is in place。

  Correspondingly, the back low-key declares its powerful hardware and functional parameters,containLEDExpression lamp、8Kdecode、Gigabit network port、Wi-Fi 6、HDRAnd other product information。

  What comes into view inside the box is dangbeiMAX1,The big screen is the most eye-catching,The power cord is contained under the box、HDMILine、Remote control、instructions、Warranty card and two sections7No. battery,Basically, it belongs to the standard configuration of TV box。


  Appearance,DangbeiMAX1The box is in black and white,The shape has changed the square shape of the box in the past family,The edges and corners become more rounded,Does it look like it's with the nearest one“Top flow”Bing dwen dwen?

  Dangbei boxMAX1The front is equipped with an intelligent dot matrix display,Use pixel style to create all kinds of smart expressions,When playing different content,The pixel screen displays different information。Support power on expression、Time display、Weather state、Music channel、Voice, etc,The intersection of black and white reveals a full sense of technology。

  ▲The picture showsiPhone 12And dangbeiMAX1Size comparison

  ▲Dangbei'slogobe locatedLEDDirectly below the expression lamp

  DangbeiMAX1The left and right sides are designed with a slight depression in the middle。There are anti-skid adhesive strips and product model identification at the bottom。

  DangbeiMAX1The back is designed with layers from top to bottom,The audio port is integrated in the upper back。 interface ,5Both interfaces are commonly used in life,The interface spacing is scattered and easier to plug in and out,And equipped withUSB3.0Interface,in useUIt can be input more quickly when the disc。

  When it comes to remote controlMAX1Bluetooth remote control is adopted,Simple operation,Especially the magic buttons on the side of the remote control,One click to call up the settings,Adjust picture parameters、Bluetooth connection and other quick functions。

  ▲Big eyes when turning on,It looks lovely and ignorant,It seems like a lovely pet welcoming its owner。

  ▲The current time can also be displayed in standby mode,Use it as a small clock,One machine with multiple functions。

  ▲It's cloudy and rainy outside,DangbeiMAX1Also through the expression of clouds and rain

  Dangbei boxMAX 1Overturned our stereotype of TV box in the past,It is the first TV box with expression change。The overall appearance is more innovative,Mellow and lovely,It's more like a special one in the family“Electronic pet”,Both practicality and artistry。

  Excellent appearance, focusing on the sense of design and technology,And also very careful in the use of materials,DangbeiMAX1Small and exquisite size and black-and-white color matching,Can adapt to most decoration styles,Very versatile。


  DangbeiMAX1AdoptedRK3566Built in independent processorNPU,AIMore powerful computing power,supportPCIe/USB3.0/Gigabit Network and other high-speed interfaces,Can support5G、WIFI6、AIExpansion requirements such as computing power,It is full of sincerity。

  DangbeiMAX1The TV box supports high quality output4K 60HzUltra clear resolution, Also support8KVideo decoding。8KVideo has7680×4320Super fine picture with high resolution,although8KIt is a very distant concept for ordinary users,But many manufacturers have entered8Kfield,It also proves the future8KWill become a general trend。

  TV boxes have a great demand for the Internet,DangbeiMAX1supportWiFi 6。As the latest wireless connection standard today,WiFi 6Higher transmission capacity,Can reduce product power consumption,Transmission speed up to9.6Gbps,Compared with the previous generation40%,When multiple devices are connected, the delay can be reduced without jamming,Hardware provides users with a smoother viewing experience,At the same time, for playing TV cloud games,A good network environment is the foundation of fun。

  andWiFi 6Not onlyWi-FiSpeed ratio ofWi-Fi 5Lifting near3times,Many upgrades and optimizations have also been made for different scenarios and related technologies,And multiple devices are connected concurrently4Double capacity increase,Terminal power consumption is also reduced30%。In short, ifWi-Fi 5It's a township highway,thatWiFi 6It's equivalent to a highway,Not only fast, but also multi Lane driving at the same time,Naturally, it's better than congestionwifi5fast。

  4KPicture decoding is fast,The switching between pictures is also very smooth,When zooming in to view the detail screen,Can reflect quickly,And the details of the picture are clearly visible。

  open4KThe video performance is good and can be viewed smoothly,No Caton、Picture pause,Fast forward and fast backward response is very fast。

  four、Content resources

  DangbeiMAX1ofUIDesign or familiar formula,Always light、fast、Dangbei, famous for freedomOSsystem,Boot no advertising, well received。

  DangbeiMAX1Support one click remote control to call out the menu bar,Whether it's on the main page or chasing the play,You can call up the menu at any time to change the settings,This is really very convenient in practical experience,And this function is also set in all products of dangbei。

  The maximum screen resolution can be set3840 x 2160-60hz,According to the actual test,With the highest resolution, it is more convenient to use the remote control,Improved fluency。

  ▲Click the weather icon at the top of the main page to display the local weather of the day、Time and calendar。

  DangbeiMAX1Support mobile remote control,Just download dangbei's home from the app store on your mobile phone,The box can be operated without a remote control,It also has the function of retrieving the remote control,Retrieve“disappear”Remote control for。

  Currently popular cloud game features,DangbeiMAX1Also added in,After entering the page, there are many popular games to play,《Only big adventure》、《Mischievous kitchen》、《Boxer》、《Original God》、《QQFlying car》,Some games without a handle,The mobile phone can be changed into a virtual handle by scanning the code。

  ▲The picture shows children's mode

  Except for young people who are more interested in science and technology,The elderly and children don't know much about electronic devices,DangbeiMAX1It provides elder mode and child mode,The management and control in children's mode are quite in place,All videos are suitable for children to watch;In elder modeUIMore pleasing design,The font of the whole picture is enlarged in equal proportion,The elderly are more comfortable to watch。

  Because our life is becoming more and more intelligent,Various intelligent products、Software is not friendly to elders,After the special epidemic,Frequent code scanning registration,Let us know more about all kinds of intelligent products、The importance of software aging。

  ▲The picture shows the elder mode

  Dangbei's elder model,It's not just about enlarging the font,But in its operation page and content, it has made great efforts to study the feelings suitable for elders。No cumbersome operation steps,Drama and other video types loved by elders are clear at a glance。

  It's more convenient to be BeiMAX1Voice function of,You can see that its remote control is equipped with a dedicated voice key,You can search directly by voice,Playback operation。

  DangbeiMAX1In the setting, you can change the background color according to your needs,There are two kinds of skin available in black and white。Content,DangbeiMAX1rich content,Current mainstream films、TV dramas and so onMAX1Watch in,In terms of film source, it supports the content of mainstream well-known video platforms throughout the network,It's more convenient to watch a play。


  Dangbei insists on putting user needs first and putting them into action,Dangbei of this listingMAX1Both appearance and use experience have been improved,DangbeiMAX1TV smart box is excellent in many aspects,For example, no advertising,Hardware and software decoding capability,Picture reading speed,Application download, etc。As a TV boxMAX1The first large screen expression is one of its highlights。

  At the same timeRK3566Under the blessing of the processor,DangbeiMAX1Upgrade memory to6GBcapacity,It's also the first case in the box,collocation64GBstorage,It can make multiple software run at the same time without jamming。Such a smart、Lively little boxes dotted the living room,How can you worry that your home life is not wonderful?

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