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  Today we are going to test the flagship product of Hisense laser TV—The selling price of a single machine reaches59999Meta100L9F,Look at the performance of laser products in this price segment。

  60000Yuan's flagship laser TV

  As a fast-growing category in display products,Laser TV products in2021In, the popularity and consumer acceptance have increased significantly,Hisense is the absolute star brand in laser TV products,It has a wide range of products。Today we are going to test the flagship product of Hisense laser TV--The selling price reaches59999Meta100L9F,Look at the performance of laser products in this price segment。

  At present, the most common laser display technology is panchromatic laser,Also known as trichromatic laser。

  Previous monochromatic lasers used blue lasers to excite phosphors to produce red(R)/green(G)/blue(B)White light is formed as the light source of laser TV。later,In order to improve the display image quality, red laser excited phosphor is added,This light source is used as the light source of laser TV,Two color laser technology was born;Three color laser chooses to use red instead of phosphor(R)/green(G)/blue(B)Three kinds of laser as optical engine light source。

  Three color laser is compared with monochrome laser in color gamut coverage/The two-color laser has been significantly improved,The restoration degree of color is very high。According to us, through Ashleyi1 ProAccording to the color gamut test results,Hisense100L9FofsRGB、AdobeRGBas well asNTSCThe color gamut exceeds100%,DCI-P3The color gamut is reached98.7%,DeltaEThe average value is only3.92,It belongs to an absolutely excellent color level。

  Can achieve such results,In addition to the three advantages of laser itself,It also benefits from Hisense's accumulation in the laser field in the past two years,Hisense100L9FIt is equipped with a creative vision optical engine,Including laser light source、DMDChip and4KThe lens is completely self-developed by Hisense,In this way, high brightness is realized、Two core features of wide color gamut。

  Brightness,We are100Select uniform on the inch screen9Test points,Hisense is obtained by measuring the brightness with a photometer100L9FThe average brightness of is about3000Lux(ANSI),The peak brightness of the central point can be achieved3300Lux(ANSI),Numerical value belonging to absolute apex in laser projection。

  Perception,Hisense is also an excellent brand in the TV field,It continues the consistent adjustment style in the laser field,The color saturation of the whole picture is slightly higher than that of the original film,But the restrained style of training did not make people feel dazzling,The use of lasers in most TV products will not cause too much visual fatigue。

  In high brightnessHDRIn the source,Hisense100L9FThe image quality mode is automatically switched toHDRpattern,Even at such high brightness,L9FStill, the high exposure suppression of high light scenes is in place,The facial color of the character still maintains the same effect as the conventional cognition under the mapping of light,At the same time, the skin texture and the shadow part of bones are well preserved。

  And such a highlight suppression effect has a good unity,It can play stably in multiple scenes with high light ratio,It can be seen that Hisense has profound technical skills in training。

  In the dark field test source,L9FIt can show the details of the dark part and expose and suppress the highlighted part of the picture,Make the overall contrast of the picture get a good balance, and at the same time, it will not affect the appearance due to too much increase in the brightness of the dark part。

  tone quality

  Sound aspect,Hisense100L9FCarrying2.5Inch full frequency horn and25Core large voice coil,And the sound set is located towards the viewer,So that the sound can be transmitted to the viewer's ears without loss。L9F Also supportDTS Virtual XSound effect,Yes2.0-5.1Collect the audio data in the sound channel and simulate the sound of the high-level sound channel,even ifL9FOnly two forward facing speaker units can also simulate the sky channel through the algorithm、Surround and subwoofer channels。

  Practical experience,We chose a lossless sound source《Hotel California》And a paragraph5.1Dolby panoramic audio video。The first is pure music,Hisense100L9FIt brings a very excellent sound dyeing effect,Especially the intermediate frequency and high frequency of the guitar get very good gain,It sounds more pleasant and emotional。However, the bass is limited by the volume of the sound generating unit,It didn't bring a very powerful effect,It can only be said to be regular。

  But Hisense100L9FThe sound separation is very good,There is no excessive interference between medium, high and low frequencies,It sounds very clear、bright。

  Surround sound,Hisense100L9FIt can achieve obvious sound surround effect,The sound of birds passing through the woods was well conveyed,After closing your eyes, you can clearly identify the position by sound。on the other hand,The track of leaves falling can also be well transmitted。


  UIaspect,For laser TV, the core is the trapezoidal correction ability。Hisense100L9FIn addition to conventional manual adjustment, automatic correction is also added,When the mobile phone is in the same position as the laser TVWiFiThe trapezoidal correction can be carried out with the help of the screen photos taken by the mobile phone,The accuracy of correction depends on the sharpness of shooting and whether the ambient light can enable the system to accurately recognize the screen range,It can basically replace manual trapezoidal correction to meet the needs of daily adjustment。

  In terms of content resources,Hisense100L9FThe platform is still good-looking,Integrated with Youku meow、Kiwi fruit、Tencent aurora andbilibiliOther mainstream platforms,It's almost impossible to find what you want to see。

  Also in the top tab bar「Laser exclusive」Classification of,The film and television content will have higher picture quality specifications to meet the needs of users for large screen viewing,At the same time, with the help of the diffuse reflection characteristics of laser TV,It can better restore the cinema like viewing effect。

  Hisense, which has been focusing on social functions in the field of television,Social functions are also configured on Laser TV,Through the camera hanging at the top of the screenL9FVideo call can be realized by connecting、AIBodybuilding、AIMagic mirror and other functions,Let the large screen of laser TV have a better place to use。

  The addition of far-field voice function can make Hisense100L9FLeave the remote control and operate directly through voice,It can greatly improve the functional accuracy and operation convenience in use。

  Finally, let's look at the appearance design,Hisense100L9FThe overall shape is very much like a bird's nest,Through a large number of curves to soften the relatively large body of laser TV。When black is the main color, it is supplemented by Mingshi gold,Make the product itself have a great sense of quality,At home can create a light luxury and calm temperament。

  Details,There is a European Cup sponsored by Hisense on the fuselagelogoAnd the golden starry sky dotted with stars,Very dreamy color。

  Side section,We can see Hisense100L9FIt has a very large heat dissipation opening,This includes the partition cooling system developed by Hisense。For lasers andDMDIndependent heat dissipation module is used for heat dissipation management,It can automatically adjust the air volume of the whole machine according to the temperature of the whole machine。At the same time, the partition cooling system also realizes the stability of the lens without interference under the condition of low noise,Achieve efficiency、Lasting heat dissipation。

  The front of the fuselage is made of mesh with excellent air permeability,In addition to high heat dissipation efficiency,It also has good penetration for sound,Effectively reduce the loss caused by sound resonance,Let the sound spread without damage。logoThe breathing light below will also flash with the rhythm of the music,It will be very elegant in dark light。

  On the whole,Hisense100L9FAs a model, the price is close to6For 10000 yuan laser TV products,In terms of image quality, it has been comparable to LCD TV products at the same price,And it also has100Inch projection screen,This is the same level of LCD TV products can not have both。Sound aspect,Hisense100L9FAlthough you can useDTS V-XTechnology simulates the virtual channel,However, there is still a certain gap between the overall performance and the actual products with multi-channel sound generating units,Fortunately, its sound quality is good and can be well balanced。UIAnd appearance,As an international first-line TV brand, Hisense naturally doesn't have to worry too much,In particular, the addition of automatic trapezoidal correction function perfectly solves the problems in the daily use of projection products such as laser TV,It makes the sense of experience significantly improved。

  6The price of about 10000 yuan is basically available for flagship products of various brands for traditional TV,However, there are few products that can have both excellent sound and picture performance and large screen,Even first-line brands100The price of inch TV is more than 100000 yuan。So it seems,Hisense100L9FIt's really a very good choice。

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in recent years,China has been vigorously promoting the development of laser display industry,In addition to the category of laser TV, which began to develop on a large scale,The projection industry is also actively embracing laser display technology,The laser projection industry is becoming a fast developing track。…
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