Make it easy for everyone to useNAS Polar private cloud newZ4evaluating

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  Polar space's latest private cloudZ4,Four tray design is adopted,Combined with easy-to-useZOSsystem,So that ordinary users can also use it easilyNAS。Polar private cloud newZ4Excellent design plus better software service and user experience,Bring a new wind to the dull private cloud industry。

  Polar private cloud newZ4evaluating

  Our world is being fully created by numbers,“data”It is not only an important asset of enterprise users,It has also become a valuable asset for individual and household users,Need security、reliable、Easy to use storage solution。With the geometric growth of the number of various intelligent terminals,Many users already have more data thanTBlevel,At this time, if you use traditional mobile hard disk backup、Or network disk storage,Or access is inconvenient、Difficult to find,Either limited by the bandwidth of the service provider or forced to buy members,The comprehensive experience is not satisfactory。

  Maybe some netizens said they could set up individualsNAS(Network Attached Storage)The server,But this is a high threshold、Expensive equipment,Products are generally complex and expensive,CPUAnd other hardware updates are slow,Many ordinary users are deterred。

  The product we tested today may allow you to use your personal storage server in a simpler way,It is the new style of polar spaceZ4Private cloud storage。Different from traditionalNASproduct,The product design logic of polar space is quite different,At the beginning of development, it focuses on software system services and user experience。newZ4Can it bring us a different experience?Here are the details。

  Artistic split fuselage 3.5Inch four Bay

  See the new private cloud in polar spaceZ4First impression,Will feel the same as those common in the marketNASThe products are different,“Z”The zigzag fuselage is full of design sense,And general“Black box”NASProduct comparison,The appearance value is much higher。

   materials ,Polar private cloud newZ4Aluminum alloy shell is used,And the split design is adopted,Open the top half,You can see the motherboard and radiator,This is for the convenience of usersSSD(supportPCIe 3.0),For use as a cache。

  Specification,Polar private cloud newZ4Mainstream is usedNASFour positions commonly used in products,support2.5/3.5inchSATAInterface hard disk,Maximum single disk capacity20TB,Total capacity up to80TB,supportZDRpattern,Dynamic backup is also called bipolar space(Zspace Dynamic RAID)pattern,In this mode, the contents of dual backup of user equipment will be stored synchronously on two hard disks,To ensure data security,With traditionalRAID1Higher utilization than mode,It is a model that takes into account both safety and space。

  This test,We used two pieces of capacity from western data2TBPurple disk,This is also a high-capacity mechanical hard disk specially built for monitoring and use by western data,It has good reliability。However, it should be noted that,After hard disk installation,It may be that the connection with the rear interface is too tight,It's very hard to pull it out,The handle on the upper part of the hard disk carrier is not designed reasonably,The finger button hurts and can't pull out the hard disk。

  It is worth mentioning that,new patternZ4The front cover plate of the hard disk bin adopts magnetic suction,Compared with the old modelZ4It is more convenient to take off the snap。However, it may be for the visual unity of the front panel,The whole cover plate is of full coverage design,Buckle the under the rear front panelUSBThe interface is also covered,The author suggests that the lower edge of the cover plate should be narrowed,The exposed interface part is easier to use。

  The switch key is designed in the middle of the fuselage,It is equipped with four hard disk operation indicators,Can be extinguished according to、Chang Liang、twinkle,And red、Combination of different states and colors such as green,To know the operation of the machine at any time。

  Hardware configuration,Polar private cloud newZ4Code namedGemini LakeofIntelEighth generation CeleronJ4125Quad core processor,The maximum operating frequency can reach2.7GHz,Thermal design power consumption is only10W。built-in16GB eMMCstorage,Memory provided4GB/8GB DDR4Two specifications,The configuration of the whole machine is still very powerful,It is also rare in products at the same price。

  Interface part at the back of the fuselage,From left to rightUSB2.0Interface、double2.5GNetwork port and power jack,Note that the two network ports can be aggregated through the network link,Reach the highest5GbpsConnection speed。In addition, in order to solve the problem of heat dissipation,Polar private cloud newZ4A large size is used14cmFan,70cfmLarge air volume,Guide rail type passage type air duct matched with self-developed,Ensure good heat dissipation under high load。

  Easy to useZOSoperating system DockerApplication is the highlight

  all the time,NASThe installation and configuration of products are relatively complex,Software operation logic is also professional,But polar space has always been committed to making it easy for more users to useNASproduct,DevelopedZOSoperating system,Fully support mobile phones、television、WindowsandmacOScomputer、Wechat applet, browser and other terminals,Especially the browserZconnectfunction,No additional configuration or third-party software is required,You don't need to apply for an Internet connectionIP,Compatible with various intelligent devices。alsoZOSIterations over the past year50Versions,Updated weekly,Continuous upgrade,This can be said to be a clear stream in the industry。

  withWindowsTake the client as an example,ZOSVery easy to use,Interface design and operation logic similar to operating system,So that ordinary users can also get started easily,Files are placed on the desktop、Polar album、Extreme film and television、Safe Deposit Box、Function icons such as document synchronization,You can also add such as device monitoring in the settings、FTPbackups、MacBackup and other functions to the desktop。

  Mobile client,withAndroidTake the client as an example,ZOSThe design uniformity of is very strong,Operation logic、Function options andPCKeep the height of the end consistent,Upload file、Backup photos、It is easy to check the device status,Even for the first time,It's also easy to do。

  Let's select several typical applications to interpret in detail。The first is the photo album arrangement and film and television entertainment services commonly used by home users。

  manyNASUsers are enthusiasts of HD film and television,useNASOne of the important purposes of is to better organize、Access HD movies。Polar film and television applications launched by polar space from xunlei、PTDownload start optimization,reachISOencapsulation、BDMVOriginal disk、localNFOsupport,Then to the source code/Transcoding output,Eventually on the phone、computer、Decode and play on TV and other terminals,Provides a complete end-to-end solution,Perfect supportISO、BDM、MKVAnd other original Blu ray film and television files,Supports hundreds of video formats,It also provides perfect subtitle function,It can almost replace professional Blu ray players。in addition,Polar space has stable high-speed external network penetration ability,use4GThe network can access the private cloud at home anytime, anywhereZ4,Smooth playback of stored HD movies,Click and play,It is equivalent to having its own HD film and television website。

  The second part is the album,For individual and home users,Polar space can provide automatic backup of massive mobile phone photos,Automatic classification of intelligent photo album,Intelligent photo duplicate checking,With portrait recognition、Scene classification and other sorting methods,You can also control the operation permissions of family album members and set members。Polar space has also customized and developed polar space family affection for parents and eldersApp,Simplified operation,Make it easier for older users to view family moments。

  For small teams,Polar space newZ4It can also be a practical tool to improve the efficiency of team cooperation。Polar space newZ4It can be used as a network disk for small and medium-sized enterprises,Or withSMBMount as network hard disk,Team space is convenient for collaborative office,Administrators can also set groups,Set reading and writing for different members/Read only and other different permissions,Easy to manage。In addition, it supports computers、Mobile multi terminal document online editing,And keep the Office、Real time synchronization of computer documents at home,I don't have to carry my computer home anymore。In mobile office scenarios such as business trips,Even if you forget to bring important documentsUdisc,You can also access the new polar space at any time through the external networkZ4,Open or download files remotely to local,Ensure the completion of the work。

  Polar space newZ4Another feature worth mentioning isDocker,That's what players are familiar with“Little whale”。For ordinary users,This function may not work,But for professional levelNASFor users,Without this functionNASThe product seems to be missing something,New polar spaceZ4This function is already supported,ProfessionalNASThe products are in line。

  In short,dockerIs an open source application container engine,Allow developers to package their applications into a portable image,Then publish to any popular LinuxorWindowsOn the machine with the operating system,Virtualization can also be achieved,Give users the opportunity to realize more possibilities。It is a function biased towards higher-order operation。

  But to be clear,At present, polar space is newZ4Supporteddockerfunction,It's not open yetPrivilegedjurisdiction,The image involving this permission still cannot run,And it doesn't support bridging mode for the time beingIPv6network,Therefore, it may not be friendly enough for some heavy players。

  Make it easy for ordinary users to useNAS

  On the whole,Polar space newZ4Our product positioning is also very clear,It is different from the professional traditionNAS,But it also provides core data management、synchronization、Sharing and other functions,And realize the function unification of multiple terminals in a more easy-to-use operation mode,This is still worth affirming。

  past,Only individual enthusiasts have massive data management needs,But now it has been popularized to ordinary users,However, not everyone has a wealth of expertise to buyNASHost and hard disk,Complete a series of operations such as cabling to build a personal storage server,At this time, the advantages of polar private cloud storage products are reflected。

  And traditionNASProduct comparison,Many players may find polar space newZ4ofdockerThe extended function is better,Not open enough。But we think the newZ4This relatively restrained functional opening mode,It can better ensure the use of ordinary usersNASProduct experience,As for fever gradeNASuser,We don't think that's the target user of polar space products。

  In the private cloud market,Polar private cloud newZ4It can be said that it fits the function of“Zgeneration”Storage requirements of users,Plus better software services and user experience,Bring a new wind to the dull private cloud industry。in addition,In terms of price,Polar space newZ4It also has obvious advantages,8GBMemory version(Without hard disk)2799Yuan price,It is also more competitive,For users or small teams who need to set up a home data center,It's worth considering。

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