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  At present, the laser TV released is talking about technology,There's nothing wrong with that,But laser TV is an important member of the living room,Its temperature is also important。Benjii930LLaser TV is not only equipped with hard core technology,such as4KResolution and professional color adjustment technology,More importantly, it adopts the classic cloth thousand bird lattice design,Let the cold equipment have temperature。Maybe a young man's living room,What is missing is such a one that makes you sigh“Technology can be so sexy”New big screen products。

  01 Appearance appreciation

  Many laser TV designs lack personalized language,Uniform scientific and technological design,It really makes many users unable to love。And BenQi930LLaser TV is unique, using a thousand birds horizontal grid decoration。The thousand bird grid originated from the prince grid of Wales,The Duke of Windsor, who loved beauty but not mountains, was the first celebrity to wear it,After the celebrity effect,This tweed pattern becomes19century、20The favorite of British nobles in the th century。Benjii930LLaser TV makes fashion and technology integrate this time,Make BenQi930LLaser TV has a unique aesthetic feeling。Imagine,When you get home from work,Open BenQi930LLaser TV《Roman Holiday》,It's really wonderful。

  Atmospheric founder,Highlight the integration of fashion and technology

  Thousand birds cross check decoration,Fashionable and flexible

  Benjii930LLaser TV continues the classic electric sliding door design,When starting up, the electric sliding door opens slowly,Movie viewing ceremony feeling full;After shutdown, the sliding door is closed,It can prevent the lens from falling gray,Convenient for daily care。An anti direct viewing sensor is set at the side of the lens,Feel someone close to the source of time will immediately darken,Avoid direct exposure of strong light to human eyes。

  Machine side

  Benjii930LLaser TV is specially selected4KSuper analytic lens,Can be presented completely830Megapixel,At the same time, ensure that the edges and corners of the picture are clear and sharp,Let users have the best big screen experience。Its interface configuration is also very rich,In particular, the commonly used ones are designed on the sideUSBInterface,Do not move the machine when connecting other equipment,Details show humanization。

  4KSuper analytic lens

  Side interface design,Show humanization

  It's not hard to see,This time in Mingjii930LThe appearance of laser TV has made great efforts,Both material selection and detail design are distracted enough,It also shows the delicacy and professionalism of major brands in the industry。

  02 Objective data test

  Benjii930LThe nominal brightness of the laser TV is2000Lumen,according toANSIMy standard brightness of this product、Color temperature、The color gamut was comprehensively investigated,The test results are as follows。

  Benjii930LLaser TVANSIBrightness is2175 ANSILumen,This brightness combined with anti light screen can ensure the image quality in bright environment,The effect is comparable to that of traditional LCD TV;MeasuredANSIThe contrast is151:1,Meet good standards,When watching the film, the contrast between light and dark is stronger。

  BenQ's home projection is mainly characterized by good color performance。This is inseparable from BenQ's color adjustment technology accumulated for many years。fromISFandTHXCertified color masters lead the professional team,MadeCinematicColorFilm primary color adjustment technology can often be seen in BenQ's high-end home projectors,And in BenQi930LLaser TV also exists。

  DCI-P3It is the color standard of the film industry,Compared toRec.709Its color gamut has been expanded26%,Can show more rich red and green。Benjii930LLaser TVDCI-P3Gamut up to98%,Therefore, it can truly depict different colors visible to the naked eye,This color gamut range has also reached the top level of the industry。About the color of this machine,The following will give you a detailed interpretation。

  Live shooting in bright environment

  Live shooting in bright environment

  Live shooting in bright environment

  The picture effect in bright environment is more intuitive than data,We use BenQ's original 100 inch light resistant hard screen,There is plenty of ambient light in the bedroom。As can be seen from the figure,Even in such a bright environment,Benjii930LLaser TV still ensures high contrast,There is no whitening in the picture,It is the same as traditional LCD TV。

  It's not hard to see,Benjii930LLaser TV has solved the problem of traditional projection display equipment“See light die”difficult problem,Now it allows users to turn on the light during the day or at night。If other products can achieve similar results,Brightness will no longer restrict the development of laser TV“stumbling block”。

  03 Color experience

  Benjii930LLaser TV is equipped with the technology created by BenQCinemaMaster Video+Image enhancement technology includes pixel enhancement、Skin color restoration、Color enhancement and4KMotion compensation and other features,Make the overall hue of the picture, especially the moving picture、Saturation and layering are further optimized。Next is the static picture of the machine,The sample we chose is Zhang Junwei4Kresolving power。

  High contrast,Dark details are not lost

  The picture is transparent,Natural color

  BenQ laser TV evaluation Accurate focusing,The picture is more layered

   if one can be added on the side,The texture on the wall is clearly visible

  The first picture has high contrast,The bright part is not overexposed、Dark details are also clearly presented;In the second picture, the subtle difference between different green is very obvious,Soft and natural color transition;The last picture is clear and delicate,The texture details on the wall can also be accurately portrayed。

  It can be found through real shooting,CinemaMaster Video+Image enhancement technology can really make the picture have excellent performance。The color performance of this laser TV has reached the top level in the industry,meanwhile4KThe image quality is also extremely sharp,Let the audience not miss every detail in the film。I'm sure even picky audiophiles,Can also be conquered by its excellent effect。

  04 Viewing experience

  Only personal experience can bring the most authentic experience,It gives me the most intuitive experience is reality,100 inch screen plus4KResolution brings a strong sense of visual impact,It's like sittingIMAXLike a cinema,People can't help but immerse themselves in it。Especially watching some war movies、Or science fiction masterpiece,This strong sense of visual immersion makes you seem to be on the scene,The film story is within reach。We watched《Angels love beauty》This Douban high score literary film,You can see that the picture is not only meticulous,At the same time, the color also shows the unique favor of French directors,Express emotions with colors,Benjii930LLaser TV won't let you miss these moves。

  4KThe 100 inch screen brings a strong sense of visual impact

  Thanks to reflection imaging,Benjii930LThe light of laser TV is soft and natural,At the same time, it is not as strong as large screen LCD TV“Sense of oppression”,Make the human eye feel more comfortable。After watching a whole movie,My eyes didn't feel any fatigue and dryness,It can be said that this is a healthy viewing equipment。

  Diffuse reflection imaging,Soft and comfortable picture

  While watching the film,We can also optimize the picture color and character skin color according to our preferences,Watching different types of works can have the best color experience。

  Benjii930LThe sound effect of laser TV is also good enough,It is equipped with dual power amplifier and four channel sound,Pass at the same timetreVoloProfessional adjustment of golden ear team。Its bass is thick and solid,In the performance explosion、In large scenes such as violent collision,The sound is not thin,More atmosphere。

  Treble film is made of natural silk,Therefore, the control of sound details is also in place。Fresh natural characters in film dialogue,Silky to the ear。Excellent sound combination4K100 inch screen,This is the highest standard of audio-visual enjoyment。While watching the film,The characters speak clearly,Clear separation of background sound,The overall atmosphere is full。

  The picture of football match is smooth、coherent

  While watching the football match,We can see that its picture is also smooth and fast,Both high-speed football and running athletes are very consistent,No drag、lag。Next year is the world cup,Benjii930LLaser TV will also be a sharp weapon for football fans。

  05 Intelligent system test

  Benjii930LLaser TV is equipped with an intelligent system based on Android deep optimization,Built in MangoTVMassive resources,Including the hottest content of the whole network,Don't worry anymore“Drama shortage”。In the application market,Users can also download more games and applications,Meet the entertainment needs of family members。

  Built in rich film and television、Entertainment resources

  Benjii930LThe hardware configuration of laser TV is also excellent enough,Can easily load large applications,Even fast switching in evaluation,The system can also respond to my needs in seconds, No Caton、delay,Smooth operation。

  8Point correction,Convenient picture adjustment

  Aiming at the problem of picture adjustment of laser TV,Benjii930LThe bottom of the laser TV is designed with a foot pad that can adjust the height。in addition,It also uses industry-leading8Point correction function,We can fine tune the picture,Quickly match the image with the anti light screen,It solves the pain points that have plagued users for many years。

  Benjii930LLaser TV also supports voice control,In the evaluation, its speech function is accurate、Responsive,Move your mouth and you'll find the resources you need,More convenient to use。

  07 Evaluation summary

  Benjii930LLaser TV achieves high brightness、4KImage quality and accurate color restoration,Combined with convenient operation experience,After the whole evaluation, this product left a deep impression on me。

  Benjii930LThe price of laser TV standard anti light hard screen is23999element,Compared with 100000 in the past, it has decreased significantly,It can be adapted to more home users。The author has also been in contact with BenQ's products for many years,Good color is the gene of BenQ household products,Benjii930LLaser TV obviously continues this advantage。At the same time, compared with previous products,Benjii930LLaser TV not only has a thousand bird lattice of cloth art,Display ability is also excellent。It has rich picture details,At the same time, it has the color performance of professional adjustment,Plus the system is easy to use,Easy installation,It is especially suitable for people who pursue quality。2Among the products with more than 10000 yuan,Benjii930LLaser TV is very special。

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