DangbeiMars ProProjector evaluation:4KPicture quality brings a more realistic viewing experience

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  With the improvement of living standards,Home users at home and abroad are increasingly eager to create large screen video and audio,Compared with the bulky and single function traditional projection,Smart home large screen projection has gradually entered family life,Become a more cost-effective substitute for large screen TV。

  At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic,Increasing demand for home projectors from overseas consumers,Dangbei further expands its business in overseas markets at this time,The first flagship projector was released in the overseas market——DangbeiMars ProProjector。


  DangbeiMars ProProjection packaging style and domestic version of dangbeiX3identical,All adopt the packaging style dominated by black tone,Simple atmosphere。

  ▲The back is the relevant product information

  ▲After unpacking, the host came into view,Below are accessories,However, due to the different voltages at home and abroad,Therefore, the socket of overseas version is different。


  As dangbei's first overseas flagship product,DangbeiMars ProContinuation of domesticX3Route,Create high-end projection,Most of the fuselage is wrapped in gray and black aluminum。

  ▲The aviation aluminum material on the fuselage also has a full sense of science and technology, In the upper left corner4KIdentification to prove its4KResolution capability

  ▲2.5DNano skin friendly glass upper cover,Delicate touch,It has a jade like luster,There is more playfulness in the steady breath

  Suspended front design,The sense of technology is also sufficient。The lens directly in front is covered with glass,It can prevent dust from entering the lens and affecting viewing。

  DangbeiMars ProThe interface behind the projection is rich and practical,Have doubleUSBInterface and dualHDMIInterface,Sufficient to meet the needs of multi device users,You can connect the game console at the same time、USBOther equipment,Especially users who pursue high-definition images,You can watch more high-definition local videos。

  The appearance of the remote control is the same as that of the domestic version,But careful users will find a small detail。On the voice key,DangbeiMars ProProjection is no longer a sign of speech,Instead, it became the pattern of a mouse。

  ▲You can turn on the mouse mode by long pressing the mouse button,Use the up, down, left and right keys to control


  DangbeiMars ProProjection is based onX3Projection upgraded overseas high configuration version,Flagship processing chipMT9669,useALPDLaser light source,have3200ANSILumen sum4+128GBLarge memory。

  What is the main use of projectors in our daily life3Kind of light source,namelyLEDlight source、Laser light source and traditional bulb light source。

  The traditional projector uses a bulb light source,It is characterized by high brightness,Bright colors,But the service life is short,Severe bulb heating,The projector will be larger。LEDThe projection of light source is also the mainstream in the projection market,Long life, better color saturation and detail,The fuselage can be relatively small。The laser light source has a long service life,The color of the picture presented is more pure,The overall picture brightness is higher,However, due to the high cost of this kind of light source,So some laser projection products are more expensive。

  ● The following are real pictures,Due to the limitations of camera shooting, it will be slightly different from the actual viewing effect。

  ▲Playing4KPicture time,You can see that the green leaves in the picture are bright in color,The meridian details of the leaves are also more prominent。

  ▲In the bright picture,The lines of the car are clear,You can see the details of the waist line on the side

  ▲In the picture with more dark scenes,Clear hierarchy,No missing edge details


  DangbeiMars ProThe projection adoptsEmotn OS,This system has rich international software resources,More suitable for overseas use,The interface adopts waterfall flow design,The whole is simple and generous,Various applications are intuitive and clear。

  English is the default for system startup,In order to understand various functions more intuitively,Therefore, the language is changed to Chinese。

  ▲ Except Chinese,English can be modified to other languages such as Chinese

  DangbeiMars ProThe projector supports automatic correction、Intelligent admiration、Intelligent obstacle avoidance、Real time trapezoidal correction and other functions。However, new users should pay attention to these functions after starting up,Enter the setting manual start。

  DangbeiMars ProBuilt in community function,After entering, you can see various projection related messages,Click the website in the upper right corner to enterTVsBookForum page,The forum contains all kinds of projections、TV information,And the discussion of projection between users。

  Side key function of remote control,Xiaobian has always believed that it is the most practical function,DangbeiMars ProThe shortcut key page maintains the design of dangbeiUI,Any page can be called up quickly。

  In testing decoding ability,Tested separately4K、1080Pvideo,DangbeiMars ProThe projection can be played smoothly,At the same time, the system also supports three decoding methods,Hardware decoding、Software decoding and system decoding。

  ▲In case of software decoding, you can choose the filter mode by yourself

  ▲Today's fast-paced life,Double speed playback has become a daily routine

  Projection has always been one of the favorite ways for video users,DangbeiMars ProProjection supports both apple and Android projection to watch videos,Just connect to the same network as the projection。

  ▲Picture mode adjustment

  Projection memory cleaning is also a practical problem in use,DangbeiMars ProProjection owns when Bei housekeeper,You can clean up the system garbage with one click,Clean up memory,So that the machine can give feedback more quickly。

  ▲Users can also change the system wallpaper independently,You can also upload your favorite wallpaper

  When viewing the large screen,Vision protection has always been a concern of users,Issued by the National Health Commission《Guidelines for prevention of myopia in children and adolescents during COVID-19》Pointed out in,Large screen electronic products shall be selected as far as possible,The priority is the projector、television、Desktop computer、Notebook computer、tablet PC、mobile phone。

  Through reflection imaging, the projector makes the picture seen by human eyes closer to nature,The light is softer,Even if you watch it for a long time, it will not produce visual fatigue。

  For families with children,The most concerned is whether the projected light source will hurt the eyes,So dangbeiMars ProProjection has eye protection mode,When children pass by,The machine will automatically dim the light,And give a prompt。

  DangbeiMars ProSupport to turn on motion compensation mode,Motion compensation mode is very friendly for users who like to watch fast moving pictures,For example, ball games、 Racing car、Action films, etc。

  After motion compensation is turned on,The picture is output by the chip based on the algorithm,Accurately judge the motion trajectory in various complex high-speed dynamic pictures,Carry out reasonable intelligent frame supplement,Thus, the fast-moving picture can be viewed more smoothly without dragging。


  DangbeiMars Proin“Mars”Translated into Chinese for the meaning of Mars,There are countless stars in the vast universe,Mars is also a shining planet among the faint stars,DangbeiMars ProThe projection has a scientific and technological appearance,Highlight lumens, etc,It will become a shining star in the overseas projection market。

  Looking at the overseas projection Market,The intelligent projector market is also equivalent to the initial stage of domestic projection,Common projectors are more traditional in both modeling and system,And dangbeiMars ProProjection, regardless of resolution、motion compensation 、Or trapezoidal correction、Functions such as automatic entry have become standard,Has a strong advantage。Laser projection technology is a new display technology in projection industry,It can reproduce the objective world most truly、Gorgeous colors,Provide more shocking expression。DangbeiMars ProLaser projection technology adopted,Whether in terms of product form or product function,Compared with many overseas projection products,Showing leadership in all dimensions,After entering the overseas market,I believe that when Beiding can become a leader in the overseas projection industry。

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