Watch your dreams:Dangbei's third anniversary,The back stories you don't know

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《Watch your dreams》This film commemorates the third anniversary of dangbei network,Dedicated to the partners who struggle together!

2013In, smart TV was still in its infancy in the color TV market,But when Bei's core team keenly discovered the great potential of smart TV in the future,2013year8In June, the entrepreneurial team in the early stage of dangbei market came into being in Jiaxing,Around the new hardware device of smart TV,When Bei started the development of smart TV application,It is committed to providing all-round software support for smart TV,When beiren believe that smart TV will change life。

But this is a computer、PC、The era of rapid growth of smart phones,No one is optimistic about the development of smart TV,Everyone thinks“Smart TV industry has no future”,When beiren's persistence and persistence,Become a joke in the eyes,Hit the wall again and again、Rejected again and again、Denied again and again,In the early stage of entrepreneurship,Blocked everywhere。In this way, in a simple working environment,When Bei tries to move forward,The difficulties encountered did not hit dangbei people,Nothing can stop the enthusiasm of the Beibei people,We believe that what we do is very meaningful,Smart TV will change life,And we are the pioneers of the times,A reformer is an innovator,These hardships are the hardships that the forerunners must experience。

Have difficulty,When Bei people will not easily fall down,The product quality is not up to standard,We try to improve,Listen carefully to users' suggestions,Take all kinds of customer complaints as our driving force,Although the pressure is great,But we encourage each other,Persevere。No money、no one、Not even office space,When shellfish is the hardest,You can only borrow the office space of other companies,Crowded with other companies,When recruiting new employees,Frequently rejected because the company environment is too poor。I still remember the first group trip to the company,That group photo almost became the last song of the company。

Never experienced growth,How do you know the pain。Three years of ups and downs,More than a thousand days and nights,When beiren always adhere to the original dream。Because of dreams,We get together,Because of dreams,We grow。Because of dreams,We don't have nothing。

From a team of only a few people at the beginning to a big family of nearly 100 people today,Our pursuit of dreams never stops。We always believe,Efforts will pay off。

In this cool September,When Bei market ushers in its third birthday。3year,Dangbei has served more than ten million families。We will work hard in the future!everything,It's just beginning......