Fourth anniversary of dangbei network:May you follow me all the way,Waiting for dreams to bloom!

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a region , where the cultivation of rice and the breeding of fish flourish,an earthly paradise。But it is difficult to write all about Hangzhou Qiantang。

High tech capital,Technology Silicon Valley。I can't sketch the riverside map。

Between heaven and Silicon Valley,Four years of spring and Autumn,Flick one's fingers。

At the turn of summer and Autumn,Four years of elegance,Wantonly。

In this cool September,When Bei network finally ushered in her fourth birthday。

drive a cart in ragged clothes to blaze a new trail,Yiqi mountain forest。I'm afraid nobody thought about it,Four years ago, a humble start-up could grow to what it is now。

2013year8month,Hangzhou dangbei Network Technology Co., Ltd. announced its establishment。

9month ,Smart TV network officially launched。Four years of exploration and Cultivation,It has grown into the most popular smart TV interactive forum。

2014year1month,Dangbei MarketBEATVersion release,Opened the first step towards hundreds of millions of home TV screens。11month,Professional TV management tools when Bei assistant was born,next year3month,The rise of the concept of TV desktop beautification software,When Bei was born with the trend。Handheld strategy“Three board axe”Dangbei network,It has set off a long lost in the smart TV market“Software storm”。

2015year12month,When Bei network gained its first market award,Its dangbei market won the best operation platform award of the third China online audio-visual conference。The next two years,Dangbei network has also won one after another“2016Innovative Application Award”“2016China's most valuable investment enterprise-TMTfield30strong”“ 《Computer newspaper》yearITNo. 1 brand in market share”“ 《Computer newspaper》yearITBrand billboard consumer preferred brand”“ CVIA 2017Annual innovation and Application Award”And many other awards。

2016In, dangbei network entered the fast track of development。Dangbei Market、Dangbei and Haier、SKYWORTH、Cool open、Panasonic、Storm and many other well-known TV brands have reached in-depth cooperation,Full introduction of high-quality genuine and exclusive content。Dangbei assistant also reached in-depth strategic cooperation with Tencent video games,While providing resources for promotion,It also provides professional technical support services。

In order to further develop the market,Benefit overseas users,Dangbei market also cooperated with well-known overseas enterprises to launch the overseas version of dangbei marketDangBei Store,It has taken the first step of internationalization strategy。

Time has come2017Beginning of the year,When Bei network authority released“Dangbei Market2016Annual application distribution report”。stayOTTUnder the background of the prevalence of advertising,Dangbei network took the lead in launching the Internet TV advertising platform dangbei dianjin,Innovate and launch a new model of TV application open screen advertising。thus,Four flagship products of dangbei market penetrate into smart TV user families,Fully embrace the living room economy。

5month,Dangbei network andCIBNChina and Guangdong reached strategic cooperation in core media,Open a new era of advertising marketing。Relying on huge data analysis capability,Dangbei network also jointly released with tick correction dataOTTuser5Monthly viewing content preference Report。

this moment,When Bei network ushered in its fourth birthday。


Four years in a flash,as if wakening from a dream。I'm afraid nobody thought about it,Four years ago, several teenagers with dreams were able to take their dreams into reality。

The once crowded office environment has become spacious and bright,The lonely team became bustling,Without the embarrassment and uneasiness many years ago,There is also less self righteous ridicule and white eyes。If you could come and have a look,You will find that every letter I type on my keyboard is moving in a happy rhythm,To celebrate this moment,They have accumulated for too long。

With“Promote the development of smart TV industry,Enjoy the future smart living room life”Original heart of,Dangbei network was witnessed and accompanied by more than 100 employees,It has grown into a leading enterprise in the field of smart TV。Maybe you're still looking for a home in the vast sea of jobs,Maybe you've stayed here,When Bei insists on welcoming you at your best,Also willing to send you away with the most beautiful blessing。Your dreams bloom in more than one place,So is dangbei。