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  Over the past period of time, we have evaluated and experienced several intelligent projection products with household properties,I have also learned about the more high-end ultra short focus laser TV,When it comes to their advantages over smart TVs, it is inevitable to talk about them“Light and flexible”This feature。However, this kind of household projection products are only relatively light and flexible after all,Users still need to adjust the projection position when using、The curtain and even the position of the hard curtain are carefully arranged,More importantly, they all need to rely on external power to maintain their work,Mobile devices cannot be used anytime, anywhere。

  since it is so,Can the problem be solved by adding internal power?The reality will be much more complicated。The power consumption of household projection is high,Internal light source、chip、Heat dissipation and other components are large power consumers,On the premise of maintaining the same projection performance,Add a battery that can support at least one movie for a long time,It is conceivable that it will further increase the volume and weight of the projection itself,On the contrary, it has a negative impact on the lightness attribute。

  therefore,A truly positioning, lightweight and flexible,Portable projection that can be taken outdoors must be performance and size、The product of the trade-off between endurance。It doesn't have to be very bright、Resolution and other core performance,But it can pass the lighter size and certain built-in battery endurance,And other bonus points such as appearance design are favored by the current young groups,At the same time, it can become self driving、Solutions to the needs of large screen entertainment in outdoor activities such as camping。

  This time we bring ha QuH1Evaluation of this portable projection。

  Appearance design:Unexpected exquisite experience

  For an electronic product that targets young consumers,The appearance value must be one of the attributes that need to be intensively coded,This ha QuH1The packaging highlights the cool style and bright colors specially created for young groups。

  Some main functional attributes are marked on the side of the box,Including support1080PFull HD resolution、Built in stereo speaker supporting Bluetooth connection、Support dual band GigabitWi-Fi、Support wireless projection、Longer battery life, etc。

  Ha QuH1The fuselage is also different from the general portable projector、Design style of business style,It is more inclined to the integration of classical elements and modern texture,The whole fuselage adopts quicksand gold color matching,Side woven mask、The color separation of the top knob and the strap strengthens the hierarchical sense of the appearance design。

  The main elements of the front of the fuselage include the lens、Work indicator、Ha QuLogoAnd bottom air outlet。

  The side is mainly covered with audio units,And a strap near the top。

  Come to the back of the fuselage,We can see the upper main interface area and fuselage information label,The lower part is the air inlet of the heat dissipation unit。

   interface ,This ha QuH1Equipped with aMicroSDCard slot、One headphone output connector、OneAVInterface、OneUSBInterface、OneHDMIInterface、A network cable interface、OneS/PDIF Digital audio interface,And oneUSBType-CStandard power input interface。

  The top of the fuselage is the main control area,Manual focusing roller including front half,And a knob for controlling the power switch and volume in the second half,Control playback、Track switching、suspend、Physical keys for functions such as Bluetooth speaker mode, etc。It is worth mentioning that the five keys here all use mechanical keyboard and the same green axis,Strong sense of paragraph、The sound is crisp,Bring more pleasant operation feeling。

   Parts,In addition to instructions and other text materials, the package is also equipped with remote control and battery、Power adapter andType-CLine,And oneHDMILine。

  The function design of the remote controller is very simple,It can be complementary to the control area on the top of the fuselage。

  hardware configuration:The sword goes sidewaysLCDprojector

  This ha QuH1The uniqueness of portable projection,Because it doesn't belong to what we've seen beforeDLPPrinciple projection,It's aLCDPrinciple projection,Similar to our familiar LCD TV,A liquid crystal layer is arranged in the middle of the light path from the light source to the lens,The deflection of liquid crystal molecules is controlled by the liquid crystal layer、Color rendering、imaging,The resolution depends on the liquid crystal layer andTFTSupport of。

  There are two significant advantages。First, its resolution is very real,No,DLPStroboscopic and other problems that may be caused by jitter to improve resolution;Second, it passes through the liquid crystal layer instead ofDLPThe common color wheel in projection is used to develop color,The rainbow pattern phenomenon is completely avoided,No matter the naked eye or the shooting equipment, there will be no horizontal color blocks that affect the appearance under any shutter。

  Of course it's asLCDProjection also has some disadvantages,The first is the principle of filtering, which causes a large loss of brightness,The impact is particularly significant in portable projection;On the other hand, the imaging contrast is relatively poorDLPReflective principle of,For the light intensity in the use environment、Higher requirements for projected surface color and material。

  Lens aspect,Ha QuH1The projection ratio of the manual focus lens is1.15:1,The screen scale is16:10,It can meet the needs of users。

  Other hardware aspects,Ha QuH1Equipped with16GBLarge capacity memory,SoCsupportH.265format4KVideo andHDR10+High dynamic range video decoding and playback,Built in dual band GigabitWi-Fi、Dual stereo Bluetooth audio、Intelligent speed regulating fan。It also has a built-in7800mAhBattery,It can be used without plug-in for about1.5hour,Reserve time for one movie or two TV series for users。

  On the whole,This ha QuH1The hardware of determines that it is suitable for self driving、Camping and other outdoor activities,Portable solutions for large screen entertainment needs。meanwhile,Its portability、Lightweight andLCDCharacteristics brought by projection,It also puts forward certain requirements for the use environment,Including night or dark light,Clean projection surface, etc,It should be equipped with a special screen to bring a better use experience。

  Image quality performance:Good performance in specific environment

  Next, we will experience ha Qu through some test contents and shooting samplesH1Image quality and color expression,In common environments(Incomplete darkroom)Select a white wall in the,Front throw60Inch size picture,The effect of shooting samples is due to multiple digital conversion、Web compression and the performance of display devices vary,For reference only,Product performance is subject to actual experience。

  The first is the definition test,Ha QuH1Native resolution is1080P,At the same time, use the roller to focus manually,Therefore, enlarge the line diagram,Manual focusing at the same time,On the premise of accurate focusing, the definition performance is good。

  Color pyramid is selected to test the appearance of color transition,It can be seen that the white area in the middle is large,The overall saturation is slightly lower,The green area at the top is not obvious,However, there are still obvious differences between the red and blue blocks on both sides of the bottom。

  Color reducibility,Select the fruit and vegetable map for observation,The visible color is more natural,Moderate brightness,And the surface retains many grain details。

  Contrast,The figures in the measured picture can recognize the outline of clothes in the black and white area respectively,Brightness and natural appearance,It has certain contrast performance。

  aboutHDR10AndHEVCFormat video this ha QuH1Can decode and play,Illumination naturalness in the overall bright field picture、The restoration of picture details is OK。

  More picture quality test samples are shown below:

  Overall,Ha QuH1As a portable projector, it still has certain image quality performance,Its original1080PColors with good resolution and reducibility can support some light-weight needs,However, due to the low brightness, it still has high requirements for the projection environment。In short,Indoors, it's not a“Turn on the light”Home projection,In complex environments such as outdoors, it is more suitable to match with special curtain at night。

  system function:Customized operating system with stable and high experience

  DangbeiOSAnd dangbei market is TV projectionDIYPopular systems and software solutions among enthusiasts,Light and smooth experience,User defined content is often supported by users,Not only in dangbei projection、Box and other hardware products,It is also often installed on other TV products。

  For HA QuH1This lightweight、It is portable and often needs to rely on the independent use of internal battery,The low load and fluency of the operating system have become essential attributes,DangbeiOSNaturally, it can become the first choice,While dangbeiOSExtensive support for major copyright content platforms can also become bonus items,Bring better entertainment experience to users。

  But hutchH1The operating system is the same as dangbei I've seen beforeOSThere are some differences,Still use the common horizontal zoning on smart TV+Vertical content stream composition,But the top status bar is associated with function keys and dangbeiOSVery similar,There are users in the upper left corner、global search 、set up、External storage、Signal source skin changing function key,On the right is the network status、weather、time、Residual current and other information column,It can be seen as another customized version of the system。

  The partition includes the first page、application、TV play、film、a juvenile、variety、Exclusive partition of copyright platform、comic、music、Bodybuilding、Documentary, etc,Covers most online content,And can be expanded with the update of the platform。

  Each zone adopts intuitive card information to expand downward,Ensure that users have access to the most popular content at the same time。

  Ha QuH1The system can support skin changing、Trapezoidal correction and other functions,More wireless connection options are visible in settings。

  in addition,Ha QuH1Voice control is also supported,Built in fun wizard voice assistant,Activate by long pressing the voice key on the remote control,We have carried out some test projects:

  Visible ha QuH1The built-in harpy elf voice assistant can support most commonly used voice commands,It provides a lot of convenience for users' operation。

  Environmental testing

  Finally, as usual, we are interested in this productH1The portable projector was tested in the environment including noise and temperature,Indoor air conditioning is set to22centigrade,Turn off the air conditioner during noise detection,The test distance shall not exceed0.5m。

  Measure the temperature in the front air outlet area under normal working conditions,Measured50.1centigrade。

  Measured in the top main control area25.7centigrade。

  Measured in the sound area covered by cloth on the side29.5centigrade,The heat is concentrated in the first half。

  Measured in the back air inlet area22centigrade,It is not different from room temperature。

  Noise test in progress,We turned off the air conditioner and the projector,Firstly, the environmental bottom noise is tested,Measured46.1dB。

  Turn on the projector,Measured under normal working conditions46.8dB,At the same level or lower than the bottom noise fluctuation,Limited by the test environment, it is difficult to have more substantial values,But it also shows that this ha QuH1The working noise is basically no higher than the ambient noise。


  Ha QuH1A brand new、Portable projection products with fashionable appearance and retro texture,Unique design,Good resolution、Color performance and easy-to-use intelligent system。Although light、Portable、The characteristics of built-in power supply make it sacrifice its projection performance,But it brings a wider use scenario for this product,Give full play to the flexible characteristics of projection,It can be used as a large screen solution in various outdoor activities。

  Light weight and performance,Sometimes this pair of contradictory attributes inevitably bring conflicts and tradeoffs in various combinations,Under the existing technology and cost conditions,Ha Qu takes the added value of appearance design as a breakthrough pointH1It can be said that it shows another unique product path,I believe that the future will be valued in the field of projection“level of appearance”There will be more and more consumers,At the same time, we also expect manufacturers to make continuous innovation and breakthroughs,Bring functions to users、level of appearance、Projection products with excellent portability。

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